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Author Becki Willis Wants Your Input!

Becki is working on a new series, Spirits of Texas Cozy Mystery and she needs your help.

For her 30th birthday, Hannah’s eccentric uncle gives her a town, the small hamlet of Hannah, TX that sold at auction. Originally a stagecoach stop, the town comes with many surprises, including the legend of a hidden treasure, loyal guests who still stay at the old inn, and the spirits of three past residents.

1. She wants all books in the series to have a similar, easily identifiable name.

Please choose your favorite in the form on the right (or below on a phone):

  • Inn the Spirit of … (Murder, Love, etc.)
  • Inn Murder, Inn Love, Inn Surprise, etc.
  • (Murder, Love, Surprise, etc) at the Inn

2. The first book in the series introduces us to the town, the legend of hidden treasure, and the ghosts. What title sparks your interest?

Please choose your favorite in the form on the right (or below on a phone):

  • Legends (Inn the Spirit of Legends, Inn Legend, Legends at The Inn)
  • The Gift (Inn the Spirit of The Gift, Inn Gifting, The Gift of The Inn)
  • Surprise (Inn the Spirit of Surprise, Inn Surprise, Surprise at The Inn)
  • Treasure/ Hidden Treasure (Inn the Spirit of Hidden Treasure, Inn Treasure, Treasure at The Inn)
  • Spirits (Inn the Spirit of Ghosts, Inn Spirits, Spirits at The Inn)

 3. Which Logo Do You Prefer?



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